Cost of Living Analysis for Students in Hungary 

Cost of Living Analysis for Students in Hungary


Are you here because you are planning to move to Hungary but the anticipated cost of your stay in Hungary for the completion of your degree program gives you chills? Then, Relax and sit back. We are here to give you a complete cost of living analysis for students in Hungary. 

Hungary is famous for offering top-quality and affordable education to international students. This is the basic reason that almost 30,000 international students from around the world have chosen Hungary for their higher education. 

Tuition Fees in Hungary

Both public and private universities in Hungary are much more affordable than their Western counterparts. The average tuition fee for most degrees in Hungary is approximately 1200 – 8,000 EUR/year and for Medicine and Dentistry degrees is 12,000–17,500 EUR/year. It is always advisable to check tuition fees from their official websites to avoid any discomfort later. Also, most universities require their students to pay the tuition fees before enrolment into the university. 

Living Cost in Hungary

Living cost for international students depends upon their spending habits and type of accommodation.  But the average cost of living in Hungary is around 5000-7000 EUR/year. 

Types of Accommodation

  • University Dormitory

The university dormitories are ideal for students who like to socialize and make friends. It lets students build new and everlasting friendships. The average cost of living in a university dormitory is 72-960 EUR/year. The basic amenities for such accommodation are bedding, lamps, a desk, electricity, and a kitchen. The students share these facilities with roommates. 

  • Private Dormitory

The living facilities are better than university dormitories but private dormitories are only available in some cities of Hungary. The average cost for private dormitories is 1200-3000 EU/year.

  • Privately Rented Flat

The privately rented flats give complete privacy to students and the average cost is 3600-5000 EUR/year. This cost varies based on different cities in Hungary. Also, it requires a month’s initial deposit and additional expenses on basic utilities. 

Cost of Food in Hungary

The average cost of food in Hungary is approximately 120 to 200 EUR and it depends on your preference for food and lifestyle. In Hungary, the average separate cost of one loaf of bread and 1 litre of milk is 1 EUR. And, in case of eating out you are likely to spend 5-8 EUR for sure! 

Transportation Cost in Hungary

The students can avail of a discounted pass for public transportation that costs around 10-15 EUR/month. Trains and trams are also available and their passes are 25-35 EUR/month. And taxi rent is approximately 0.85 EUR/Km. You can hire a bicycle as well!

Additional costs in Hungary

  • You are required to have medical insurance if you are a non-EU student. The cost of your medical insurance depends upon the length of your stay and the type of medical services provided by the insurance. The average expense of medical insurance is 200-300 EUR/year. 
  • If you are a fan of entertainment and enjoy your time at movies, theaters, and concerts then you are likely to spend 200-300 EUR/month depending upon your enthusiasm for entertainment and other leisure activities such as gym membership and clothing. 

Scholarships in Hungary

Hungary is an affordable country for international students when compared to other European countries. Our cost of analysis for students in Hungary must have made the same impression on you. But if you are still panicking about the costs of education in Hungary then you always have an option to apply for the scholarships available for international students in Hungary. International students are encouraged to pursue their higher education in Hungary to facilitate students. Hungary provides maximum scholarships to international students dreaming of studying in Europe. We have mentioned a few for you!

  1. Stipendium Hungaricum
  2. Erasmus+
  4. Bilateral State Scholarships
  5. EEA Grants Scholarships

Tips to control your Budget!

  • Go for a scholarship while applying to study in Hungary. Many universities in Hungary offer scholarships to international students to pursue higher education at an affordable cost. These scholarships are based on academic background, financial status, and additional credibility assessments such as entrance exams and interviews of international students. The University of Debrecen is one of the top three Hungarian universities offering various scholarships to international students. 
  • If you don’t make a monthly budget then you might end up overspending. We recommend you make a budget and stick to your monthly spending limit.
  • Work part-time and earn your monthly expenditure. The Hungarian government allows international students to work for 24 hours per week and 4-6 hours per day. And you earn up to 300-700 EUR/month. 

Use public transport because it is cheaper for you. And use student cards to get discounts at cafes, gyms, shopping malls, restaurants, and other places.


Q1. What is the average cost of living in Hungary for international students?

Ans: Living costs for international students are based on their spending habits and type of accommodation.  But the average cost of living in Hungary is around 5000-7000 EUR/year.  This cost does not include the tuition fee of the university. 

Q2.  How is the cost of living in Hungary compared with other European countries?

Ans: The cost of living in Hungary is cheaper and affordable for international students as compared with other European countries. 

Q3. How much an international student can earn while studying in Hungary?

Ans:  An international student can earn up to 3-4 EUR/hour while studying in Hungary for 30 hours/week.

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